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GO GO POWER RANGERS! wait whaaaat??

Posted by Blud-Shot - September 5th, 2010

While I was creating my Mighty Morphing Power Rangers art piece I started to look into their background a lot more.

I found out some interesting things about the MMPR, for starters how many of you knew that they were based of the Zyurangers which are part of a series in Japan called Super Sentai. The S.S. were basically a group of guardians in the epic battle of good vs evil. The Japanese version was far more meaningful than the American version. The Zyurangers were composed of Red, Black, Blue, Yellow(Male) and Pink. There was no White Ranger in the originals; he was created for the American series.

The plot of the Zyurangers shifted to the Green Dragon Ranger who has a epic story. There is so much character and plot development in Zyurangers that I told myself MMPR should have had something deep like that. It kind of made them seem like sellouts.

The story with the Green Ranger is quiet detailed, your might as well read it somewhere on the net. Interesting thing about the Green and the Red ranger is that they are biological brothers. The Zyurangers were ancient warriors re-awakened in modern time. They were put in suspension so they can be re-awakened later in time. The Green Ranger was raised by a evil lord while the Red Ranger was raised by a good one(their biological father). The Dragon Shield was so strong that it could multiply the power of its wielder and reflect energy attacks. It was the prize of their biological father's kingdom. The Green Ranger grew up learning revenge was his best option for the damage done to him so he stole the Dragon Shield and was put in Cyrogenic sleep inside a mountain. During 170 billion years there was a land slide and it killed him. In modern times he is resurrected and has a time limit to spend on earth. Inevitably he goes from evil to good and he only has 5 hours left of his time. At his death he gives the shield to the Red Ranger.

Truly a great series to look into if you are a fan of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.

Anways, now its time for some MMPR explanation. You may notice that I drew the rangers in this order: White, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and Pink. So why did I do that? Well If you studied color theory you would know that placing them in any other order would be visually displeasing. White Ranger was always seen as the powerful one and the more prominent character so he had to steal the front seat. Next to him I put the Green Ranger because white looks good with any color and not mention that the White and Green ranger were the same guy. Next to the Green I put the Red Ranger, main reason being that he is the leader but also because the complementary color to Green is Red. After that I put the Blue Ranger, now many of you know that the most iconic superheroes(Spider-man and Superman for instance) have a mixture of Red and Blue, those are colors any child would relate to. I put the Blue one after the Red for that reason.

Next was the Yellow Ranger, since the complementary color of Blue is Orange (look at Goku, Naruto and Sonic) I had to put the color available closes to Orange which was Yellow and that's why the Yellow Ranger was placed there. I had two remaining Rangers, the Pink and the Black Ranger. Like white, black looks good with any color as well. So putting the Black Ranger between the Yellow Ranger and the Pink Ranger would create a nice color effect.

So you see making the MMPR piece took some thought to make. Placing the characters in such an order created a color harmony and that is what you eyes enjoy.

Alright so that's it for this post!
Go Go Power Rangers!!!

GO GO POWER RANGERS! wait whaaaat??

Comments (3)

Heeyyy wtf? The pic in the art gallery had no zords yesterday when I reviewed it, now there's the megazord popping between the black and pink rangers? It felt better without it imo, less charged, having that full corner with little more than sky looks pretty good as it is, relaxing or whatever.

Ye, I agree I personally wouldn't want to put megazords in that corner. I prefered the pic the way it was without them. Majority of the NG community wanted to see the zords so I put them there. Chances are however that I remove them later on. Besides the zord pic is ONLY uploaded on NG not on my other art sites.

Great job man. Wish I had talent haha.