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Madness Day 2010

Posted by Blud-Shot - August 22nd, 2010

This is the first time I have been so active on Newgrounds and I am enjoying every bit of it :)

I have submitted a painting of Hank which got a front page and I was shocked because my artwork never makes it to featured lol

I was even more surprised to see it in the first page and top score, that proved to me that the Newgrounds community loved Madness! I'm not that surprised because Madness is well KICK ASS!!

I have launched my portfolio website and I have uploaded all my artwork on it. Some work found on it isn't on my Newgrounds or my DeviantArt account. If you want to view it the click here to visit my portfolio. Be sure to leave comments on the work I haven't posted anywhere else but my site.

When people comment on my artwork I usually reply or send them PMs because I don't know if NG alerts users if the author replies to their comments.

Hopefully these submissions will make it to the winning spots, for those of you who love my artwork I thank you for taking the time to view it!

Have a look at my madness day 2010 submissions :

Black Omen - View
Checkmate - View


My calendar 2011 submission : View

Madness Day 2010

Comments (2)

dude your art is amazing
i checked out your porfollio
i could never draw like that
and your madness picture is awesome too
love your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you I appreciate it :)

Keep drawing and experiment as much as you possibly can. Trust me there are times I think I can't draw or paint for shit and its only a learning process lol. So force yourself and make as much art as you possibly can and make all the errors because eventually you will learn from them!

i think your art is amazing but theres something i don't like about your calendar submission maybe its the way you used the airbrush but for me its not working...

I know what you mean, its the first time I made an image using that airbrush technique. I came to the conclusion that the technique used in this piece would work best when painting something metallic. In my newer madness submission called Checkmate you can see a different coloring technique which is suited for skin tones and is composed of more blended and softer colors.